Putting Down Your Pet at Home with In Home Euthanasia for Your Dog or Cat

It is the most unselfish act in all of life, to let one go, that we have found beloved.
— Kate McGahan, Author

When a pet joins your family, you understand that you will outlive him or her but that understanding doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier. Our qualified and compassionate veterinarians offer hospice services to help your pet live comfortably and can advise you about the decision to euthanise. We provide all our services in your home where your pet feels secure and comfortable.

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A Peaceful and Quiet End

The decision to euthanise can be an agonising one which is why our veterinarians will advise you if you are unsure what to do. Sometimes you see their suffering so clearly you have no doubt in your mind that the time is right. The revelation can occur at any time of day or night which is why we provide our services outside of normal business hours. We understand that once you make the decision, the thought of waiting weighs down on your heart.

If you have a sick or aged pet contact Paws Forever we can discuss palliative care and a peaceful and painless end for your loved one. We don’t just do dog and cat euthanasia at home so if you have other animals that need our help, we will be there for you. 

Benefits of Pet Euthanasia at Home

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The decision to euthanise a beloved animal is never easy but putting down your pet at home can alleviate some of the stress of an office visit to the veterinarian for both you and your pet. Most animals find trips to the vet to be stressful and cause anxiety but pet euthanasia at home allows your pet to remain calm.

Many pets suffer debilitating pain near the end and a trip in the car or in a carrier is physically uncomfortable for them. During in home pet euthanasia our veterinarians come to your house so your pet doesn’t have to suffer the discomfort of travel.

You will feel emotional while your pet undergoes the procedure and as you mourn the loss. Dog and cat euthanasia at home allows you to grieve in the privacy of your home instead of in a busy office full of strangers. It gives you an environment where the family can grieve together and support each other during the difficult time.

Putting down your pet at home prevents you from driving while you’re stricken with grief. Distracted driving with puffy and tear-filled eyes puts you and others in danger of an accident. You shouldn’t be on the road during intense moments of grief so let our veterinarians do the travelling for you.

In home pet euthanasia gives other pets closure to help them deal with the loss. Anybody who has multiple pets understands the bond that forms between them. Animals mourn when one is missing and will act out of sorts and lose interest in eating or playing. Your pets will better understand what happened to their friend if they are present. Their presence can create a calming effect on the whole family including your sick or aged pet.

Treasuring your time together

If you have decided that euthanasia is the most appropriate choice for all involved, you may choose a variety of ways to spend the last months/weeks/days of your companion animal’s life. You may want to spend additional time with your companion animal, doing special things together. That might mean giving extra attention, including petting, grooming, holding them or making them special meals to eat. (Be cautious about upsetting gastrointestinal issues - check with your veterinarian if you have any questions about what would be suitable). You may decide to go on a special trip or walk. When you have decided on the time for the euthanasia, you may choose to be present or not. There is no right or wrong choice, only a loving choice.