How Putting a Dog Down at Your Home in Melbourne Can Ease your Pet's Passing

Caring for a dog is a commitment that transcends mere pet ownership — it's a responsibility that lasts for an entire lifetime.  Whether you have raised a dog from the time it was just a small puppy, or you adopted an elderly dog from an animal shelter, it's not hard to develop a deep attachment.  Your dog is the companion that follows you everywhere and greets you at the door at home; naturally, you want to provide the best care possible throughout its life, even as your pet reaches its final stages.  It's always sad to consider putting a dog down, but Melbourne has an option that can make this painful process a little simpler.

At Paws Forever, our belief is that when circumstances permit, saying goodbye to your dog at home is the superior choice for everyone.  If your dog is sick, for example, it can be a very distressing situation to transport an unwell animal to the less familiar surroundings of a vet's office.  In that case, putting your dog down at your home in Melbourne can foster a more serene atmosphere.  We are highly trained, experienced, and motivated by our love for animals of all kinds.  We are here to aid you in easing your pet's suffering in the most humane way — surrounded by its loved ones.


A gentle approach to putting your dog down in Melbourne

Backed up by experience and practical knowledge, we can travel up to 30km from Melbourne's CBD to help you assess your dog's needs at home, and even further if you require.  In combination with the advice of your regular vet, we can formulate a plan together.  This may include, for example, a period of palliative efforts while you prepare to say goodbye.  This way, we can provide you with a little extra time before returning for the process of gently putting your dog down for its eternal rest.

An advantage to choosing Paws Forever is that we are one of the only such services available outside normal business hours (including on weekends and public holidays), putting your needs first.  Life can take turns you don't expect; even if you need to phone us late in the evening, we will answer and do our best to provide you with the advice or services you need.  When you know it's time to start thinking about putting your dog down, consider all the reasons why you might want to do it at home.

Let us know how we may assist you and your pet.

Putting a dog down can be emotionally exhausting and the last thing about which you want to think.  Knowing that you can have access to a more comforting method can be reassuring though. Paws Forever brings our love of animals with us to every home we visit, whether for a health check or to provide palliative medications to ease your dog's pain and suffering.  We can also provide these services for other pets, including pocket pets.  Would you also like to arrange for private cremation through Edenhills after your pet leaves home?  We can help with that as well.  Discuss your options today; visit our contact form to learn how to contact our staff.